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Security Film can provide a next to invisible layer of protection to glass in highly protected areas and storefronts. This can protect occupants or passersby from shattered glass in the event of a natural disaster, break-ins, vandalism and other accidents. The thick, clear film is designed with strength in mind to preserve the weakest point in any building while maintaining the exterior appearance.


Security film is a polyester based material that has been paired with extremely strong, pressure sensitive material. The film also holds the typical characteristic of most LLumar films, providing 94-99% UV protection, even on completely clear film. 

Tinted versions of security film are also available. This option pairs the strength and durability of security films with the privacy, heat rejection and glare reduction of solar films.

The list of films available from Future Tint are as follows:
- 4mil Clear
- 8mil Clear
- 13mil Clear
- 8mil V28

LLumar Safety and Security Film - Every Second Counts

This video is a case study of how Henry County VA Public Schools used LLumar safety and security film as one measure in their efforts to help protect students and staff from forced entry attacks.

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