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Privacy is very important to people today. With the increased use of glass in homes and office spaces, we seem to find ourselves trying to find things to cover the glass. Covering the front door glass in your house makes it seem pointless to have the glass there in the first place, and etching existing glass in shower doors and offices is permanent and expensive. Future Tint is proud to offer the solution of Decorative Film.

Decorative film comes in a variety of patterns and opacities and can be used to create a textured look to glass in your home. Decorative film can be used to create beauty and privacy at your front door, in glass between rooms and in washrooms. The options are endless, and the film can be removed and updated any time you are looking to renew your space. Various film options can enhance the appearance of your glass directly relating to your personal preferences.


In the workplace, decorative film can be used to conform and unify the design of office spaces. It can provide privacy, or just a line of site on floor to ceiling glass so that the workplace standards for visibility on this glass are up kept. Designers are able to custom create images to your preferences or with logos. When we are provided with this artwork, we can cut, prepare and professionally install the film to your glass.

Some film options available for custom cut designs are:
- Frosted Glass
- Dusted Glass
- Etch

Decorative Films


Frost Decorative Films

Frost is a truly versatile finish that suits homes from traditional to contemporary. We offer varying levels of transparency and...

Texture Decorative Films

The touchable, light-refracting texture of these films simulates designer textured glass so well, it’s difficult to distinguish them from the real...

Pattern Decorative Films

Our collection of patterned films takes cues from natural materials, urban landscapes, and even traditional men’s suiting. Let it cue inspiration...

Gradient Decorative Films

With soft transitions from transparent to opaque, gradient films keep an open and airy feel while cleverly controlling what’s in view...


Frost Decorative Window Films 

Future Tint offers other Frosted Films with a white, silver or even bronze hue to them intending to cover glass from edge to edge or create a solid, square barrier. These films are not able to be computer cut, but offer an elegant solution for providing privacy, block unsightly views and diffuse light.

Some available Frosted Films are:
- NRM PS2 (Frost)
- NRM55 PS4 (Glacier)
- NRMV80 PS3 (Dusted Crystal)
- NRMDF (Dusted Frost)
- NRMB PS2 (Bronze)


Texture Decorative Window Films

Textured Series films by LLumar offer just that, a textured look to the glass. These films can look somewhat clear, but they obscure the image on the other side of the glass from view.

Some of the films available include:
- Brushed Crystal
- Clear Velvet
- Sandblast


Pattern Decorative Window Films

Patterned films offer a slight visible obstruction, yet still allow visibility through the glass, especially from a close distance. The Pattern Series can often be used to enhance the design features of an office. If more privacy is required, these films can also be paired with a more opaque film and installed on either side of the glass.

Future Tint carries films from the LLumar Pattern Series such as:
- Barcode
- Metro
- White Wood Grain
- Thin Lines


Gradient Decorative Window Films

The Gradient Series has been a huge hit! This film gradually fades from opaque to completely clear. Dusted Glass can be matched up with this film if the area in which a consumer wants to be covered is greater than the 60” height of the roll.

It is available in a few different designs such as:
- Static Gradient
- Mini-Dot Gradient
- Mirror Mini-Dot Gradient (Opaque at the centre and gradually fades both up and down)

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