The front windshield can have a ‘sun-band’ across the top of the glass 127 mm (5”) with 25% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) a medium-dark film. If you are concerned about UV protection, please keep in mind that your windshield is laminated glass. Laminated glass has ‘built-in’ UV protection with a protective interlayer of film. This is a UV resistant film sandwiched between two pieces of glass. The UV protection (approximately 98-99%) is similar to having a film applied.
Front Side Window

The driver and passenger windows (front doors) are required for driver vision. A lighter film can be applied to these windows. The film must allow 50% (+/-5%) of the visible light in. The net value must be higher than 45% VLT. Typically a 50% film can be applied to the factory glass and comply with the regulation. Occasionally factory glass is at the extreme tolerance for darkness and a lighter film should be applied.
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Backside Window

These are the side windows to the rear of the driver’s vision, typically rear doors on a four-door, and quarter windows on a two-door vehicle. On a ‘passenger car’ these windows are also regulated on how dark they can be. For these windows, you can apply a medium tint (35% VLT typically). This still allows proper driver vision, while adding extra glare and heat protection, plus moderate privacy for the rear portion of the car.


For trucks, vans and SUV’s the rear portion is not regulated. This is where dark and Limo tint are used. You can choose from very light to extremely dark.
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Back Window

On a passenger car this window is regulated to 35% VLT (+/-5%). The net value must be lighter than 30% VLT.

For a truck, van or SUV, there is no restriction. Here again is where dark and Limo tint is popular.

The reflectivity of a film is also regulated. Film should not reflect more than 35% of the light. All Formula One films are designed to fall within this guideline. A highly reflective (shiny) film designed for commercial buildings should not be used on a vehicle.

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