We live in a dangerous world. Random acts of violence and vandalism are now a day-to-day threat to our safety and security. While we may not encounter hurricanes or earthquakes, strong winds and tornados are prevalent in our area. Accidental explosions can happen at any time. The most common effects are injuries and damage due to broken glass. How do you protect yourself, your family, your employees and clients?

Damage and injury due to broken glass can be severely reduced with the use of Magnum Safety and Security ™ films. These single and multi-laminate films hold glass fragments together when the glass is broken. While all film will provide some safety measure, the Magnum series of films are designed to progressively add more protection as the film gets thicker. The use of each film is determined by the risk level anticipated. For some commercial projects, there are certain strength specifications required. The following chart will address these specifications.

The most popular safety and security films are absolutely clear; they come in five thicknesses:
        • Four-mil - a single-ply safety film, used where accidental breakage, not forced entry, is the greatest danger.
        • Seven-mil - a single-ply security film, suitable for most situations where risk is moderate.
        • Eight and Eleven-mil - two laminated security films, giving more-than-adequate protection in all but the very           highest-risk areas.
        • Fifteen-mil - a multi-ply film, for the ultimate in strength and protection.
        • There is also a wide range of tinted, laminated, or multi-layered security films (in silver, or neutral grey) that provide            both solar control and security in the same film. These are four and eight mil films. There is the light grey (N1050 Grey),            and medium and highly reflective (R-35 Silver and R-20 Silver).
When professionally installed, the Magnum film forms an invisible, protective shield that resists penetration and helps keep glass in place through attempted break-ins, vandalism, storms, earthquakes and explosions.
Security film chart
Film Type and Product Number Film Structure Film Thickness Tensile Strength Elongation Peel Strength Puncture Strength (lb)
SCL SR PS4 - Clear Single-ply 4 mil 33,100 psi 167% 3200 g/in 77
SCL SR PS7 - Clear Single-ply 7 mil 27,614 psi 170% 3200 g/in 121
SCL SR PS8 - Clear Multi-ply 8 mil 29,505 psi 140% 2850 g/in 146
SCL SR PS11 - Clear Multi-ply 11 mil 27,318 psi 159% 1550 g/in 184
SCL SR PS15 - Clear Multi-ply 15 mil 23,345 psi 149 % 1550 g/in 226
R-20 SR PS4 - Silver Laminate 4 mil 25,714 psi 137% 3200 g/in 77
R-20 SR PS8 - Silver Multi-ply 8 mil 29,505 psi 140% 2850 g/in 146
R-35 SR PS4 - Silver Laminate 4 mil 25,714 psi 137% 3200 g/in 77
N-1050 SR PS4 - Grey Laminate 4 mil 25,714 psi 137% 3200 g/in 77
N-1050 SR PS8 - Grey Multi-ply 8 mil 29,505 psi 140% 2850 g/in 146
NUV-65 SR PS4 - Grey Single-ply 4 mil 25,714 psi 137% 3200 g/in 77
Exterior Graffiti Film            
SCL-ER PS4- Clear Single-ply 4 mil 23,345 psi 137% 3200 g/in N/A
(Note: Data values are typical and provided for comparison purposes only.)
Click Here to View the Full Specs on the Solar Control Security Film
Graffiti Film

This versatile film allows you to protect the exterior side of the glass and mirrors from random acts of vandalism. The film is designed to serve as a cost-effective ‘sacrificial’ surface to minimize the damage from graffiti vandalism. The film is easily removed and replaced if damaged without having to replace the glass or mirror. Typical installations are public washrooms, nightclubs, restaurants, and bus shelters, but the list goes on and on. Let us know if we can help you!

1. Magnum Security Window Film is designed to slow an intruder’s entry into your premises. It may not stop them completely, but will slow them down considerably. While they are being delayed entry, your alarm system should be creating unwanted noise to the intruder while the Police are on the way. Magnum Security Film works as a delay with a well-planned alarm system.

2. Different types of glass have different break patterns. While tempered glass is about ten times stronger than plate glass, when it does break it shatters into very small pieces. If the security film is just installed to the day-light opening of this type of glass, the whole piece will fall in like a mat. Tempered glass needs to be filmed to the edge of the glass and attached by the frame. For extra protection an attachment system such as FrameLok should be installed as well. Plate glass on the otherhand breaks into larger shards and the film holds this glass together better. FrameLok should also be used in high-risk installations.
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