Located in sunny Winnipeg Manitoba, Future Tint & Stripe has been tinting cars, homes and commercial properties since 1988. While Winnipeg is classified as being one of the coldest major cities in the world, we also enjoy more sunny days than most. That’s why we are ‘Friendly Manitoba’. But sun control can definitely pose some problems.

Being Manitoba’s exclusive dealer for high-end products such as Vista™ window film for your home or business, and FormulaOne® window film for your car, we can address these problems. You can be assured our highly trained installers will provide you with an excellent product for your situation. To qualify as a Vista and FormulaOne dealer, we have to comply with higher standards of professionalism, exceptional service, product knowledge and advanced installation techniques as set out by the manufacturer, Eastman, Window Film Division.

With over 25 years of experience installing and designing custom stripes and graphics for vehicles, signs and banners, we can help you get noticed. We have a 3,300 square foot facility with a showroom, office, production area and installation space. Feel free to call us toll-free if you are outside the local Winnipeg area. Contact us toll-free

Our Focus
is to provide efficient service with top quality products, installation and on-time delivery, and to back that up with comprehensive warranties. We want to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Customers
are welcome to browse the showroom. With FormulaOne, Vista and decorative etch films on display, you can easily choose the film that is right for you, your home or your vehicle. Glass contractors often drop off glass to be filmed and ready for pickup at a specified time.

Our Clients include architects, interior designers, general contractors, home builders, glass contractors, homeowners, automotive dealers and auto enthusiasts.

Our Service Area includes Winnipeg as well as rural Manitoba and Northwest Ontario. If you require service outside our area, we can recommend the most qualified company in your area to help you out. If you have a question, we will try our best to answer it. If we can’t, we will consult with professionals in that field of expertise and relay that information on to you.

Contact us Toll-free at 1-866-729-7066 from anywhere  in North America.

If you have a question, we will try our best to answer it. If we can’t, we will consult with professionals in that field of expertise and relay that information on to you.


Wes Anderson
has been in the automotive graphics industry since 1982, and started Future Tint & Stripe in 1988. While we started out aggressively doing auto-tinting, we soon worked into commercial and residential films. This has since expanded into the decorative and security film fields.

According to Wes, “Future Tint really is a family business. My wife, Tammy, was very instrumental in setting up the business side of things while I concentrated on developing our client base. From 1989 through 1994, I had a partnership with Ray Wiebe, who brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company. Through that period of time and on through the late nineties, my brother Verne also worked with us. Both my father, Bert, and mother, Dorothy, have played key roles in the company. Many clients came back from a shuttle ride with my dad knowing a little more about me than I thought they would, such as where and when I was born, or something I did when I was 4 or 5 years-old. It’s a little humbling, but all in fun.

Many long-term employees are also like family in many ways. Janet, for example, has been here since 1989, and is as much a picture of our company as anyone. As a professional installer, her workmates, our clients and competitors alike respect her ability and knowledge. Many clients specifically request that she do the work on their vehicles, some as many as five to ten times (not the same vehicle, of course).

So, whether you meet Cesar on a commercial installation, Arlene in our front office, Meagan in the design department, or Michelle or John doing installations, you will have met an extended part of the Future Tint family. All past and present employees have helped Future Tint to be where we are today.

View our photo gallery for examples of our work

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